Sunday, 17 March 2013

Well I have managed to set up a Blogging Site all by myself - well with help from Bill and Diane from U3A.  I went to the blogging class last Wednesday and took my new ASUS Vivo Tab computer which I had purchased for our trip to the UK in May this year.  I knew I should have played with it a bit more than I did but there just wasn't time.  I arrived at the class all ready to participate and no matter what I did the little computer wouldn't do anything.  It was so frustrating and in the end I just closed it up and decided to participate in the class without a computer.  Not as effective for learning how to set up a blog that is for sure.

The next day I took the computer to my son Nick to have a look.  The next day my daughter in law returned the computer to me saying that it wasn't working.  The right side of the touch screen had a fault and it just kept on draining the battery and it was not responding at all.  Part of me was relieved because I thought it was me!!  I took the computer back to Harvey Norman and told them it was not working and to fix it please!! This is the first computer that I have had in 25+ years that hasn't worked.  I have had the normal hard drive problems but this cute little computer was just not working and had a fault - I am not impressed.  Hopefully they will fix it and I can take it with me to do the Blog on our trip to the UK and Europe. Or else I will have to use the Ipad which has worked perfectly since the day we got it.


  1. WOW Gwen! What can I say, you go stright to the top of the class! Fantastic work. We love it when we see the results of our blogging class. Congratulations.

  2. You have done well to overcome the difficulty of a computer malfunction. Bravo for persisting.