Thursday, 21 March 2013

Computer Jinx

The small AXUS is at Harvey Norman being repaired - or hopefully they will give me a new one.  On Tuesday this week I was facilitating a BRINGING PICTURE BOOKS ALIVE workshop at Springwood Community Centre with staff and community from Rosie's Early Years Centre in Daisy Hill.  I packed up the car with all the resources for the "Three Kangaroos Gruff" workshop including my laptop and digital projector.  The first thing I always do when setting up for a workshop is set up the slide show.  I plugged everything in and then switched on the laptop - something briefly happened and then it just went dead!!  Oh no!!  I tried and tried again following the normal advice of switching the computer off and then on again.  Nothing!  That is the second computer that has failed me in a week and it is so frustrating. 

I took a few deep breaths and decided that I couldn't do anything about it so told the group at the workshop that they were not going to watch the Power Point presentation.  The workshop went really well despite the lack of the presentation and feedback was once again 100% positive.  Here are some photos from the Three Kangaroos Gruff workshop:
Making a bridge for the biggest kangaroo using only paper and paper clips.  It worked

A 3D repeating pattern using large paddle pop sticks - a great idea
Using only 3 small paddle pop sticks - lots of different patterns.  A great problem solving activity.

Making a story map of the Three Kangaroos Gruff using natural materials and crushed velvet

I went along to the U3A blogging class again this week and borrowed my son's laptop so I could at least participate.  I forgot to ask how to switch the laptop on and that took a few minutes as I pressed every button.  I finally managed to switch it on and log into the wireless network and I was trying to write a new blogging post and .......the laptop just went blank!!  No battery!  That is now three times I have had trouble with a computer so I hope that is all it for now.
If you would like to view more photos from this workshop please go to:


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  1. Way to go Gwen. You are a smart cookie to be able to do all this without having a computer at the lessons. I can see you are a very busy lady. You inserted a link too.