Thursday, 21 March 2013


The Butterfly Wings Team presented another Aussie Story Pouch workshop at Ipswich Library funded by Communities for Children in Inala and C&K on Tuesday 19th March.  Over twenty people registered for the workshop including mums, dads, grandparents, library and childcare workers and school staff.  Fortunately Ipswich Library provide the laptop and projector and I just had to use my USB - so everything worked!!  The Powerpoint presentation was well received and people asked questions and made comments related to the importance of play and how to make an Aussie Story Pouch.  The retelling of the Blossom Possum was hilarious with Blossom (someone holding a puppet) was followed by all the other animals to tell Julie Gillard (the Prime Minister) that the sky was falling in. They went up the hill (up the steps) around the gully (around the chairs) across the creek (some crushed velvet) - round and round the room. Everyone then joined in the chanting of a retelling of the story - an easier version for small children,

The Blossom Possum interactive and fun activities were then held in the library area.  One group created a bush necklace using coloured pasta, beads and stick on flowers.  Everyone then wore the necklace very proudly.  The other group made a Bunyip - the Bunyip helped Blossom Possum escape from By Jingo Dingo - using a paper plate and some textured papers - they were very effective.  There was lots of chatting and sharing of ideas while they were participating in the activities.  Everyone had a go at each activity.  An outside activity was creating a storymap of Blossom Possum using natural items - but this was a bit of a disaster as the wind kept blowing the plastic sheet over everything. 

Parents were reunited with their children - children were supervised by paid child minders - and a delicious lunch was served.  Another successful Aussie Story Pouch workshop - I think that was the 15th! 

Here are some photos from the Blossom Possum workshop:

Colourful pasta necklaces – just like Blossom Possum wears.  Lots of repeating patterns

The Bunyip who helped Blossom Possum get away from the nasty Dingo-By Jingo.  The decorated paper helped to make these bunyips more realistic.

One of the mums wearing her very colourful bush necklace.

Sam was really pleased with her bush necklace – matches her outfit.

Grrrr!  A Bunyip with a body.  Mum and Dad took turns making this Bunyip and cuddling their very young baby!
The next Aussie Story Pouch workshop is on 12th April in Inala and will feature the book "And Kangaroo played a Didgeridoo" It will be a special workshop as we are going to have a "Great Aussie Do" This workshop will highlight the importance of movement and dance with very young children.  Please find details of this workshop on the Butterfly Wings website nearer the date at:

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  1. Wow you are doing great work with these workshops. Lucky that the computer worked this time. Nothing worse than depending on technology for a workshop, seminar or U3A lesson and then it malfunctions. next lesson we'll show you how to adjust the width of your blog so that you can make the photos bigger. Also we will talk about word verification too.